Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop Throwing Your Newspaper on My Driveway!

Another Tip of the Hat to Arlington County for confronting the Washington Examiner for its objectionable practice of littering Arlington with unwanted and unsubscribed newspapers. One of the inspirations for this new blog has been to take pictures of all of my piss-off neighbor's signs that scream "STOP DELIVERING THE EXAMINER TO MY DRIVEWAY." Good Job Arlington!

Washington Examiner subscriptions

To unsubscribe from the Washington Examiner

If you currently receive the Examiner and wish to stop receiving it, call the Washington Examiner at 1-800-531-1223.

If you have already called and are still receiving the paper, you can contact the Examiner's customer service and distribution managers:

Mr. Donte Allen
Director, Verification & Contractor Relations
The Washington Examiner
6850 Versar Center
Springfield , VA 22151

(703) 738-0758 (direct)
(703) 738-0615 (fax)
dallen@dcexaminer. com

Ms. Theresa Browne
Manager, Administration and Reporting
The Washington Examiner
6850 Versar Center
Springfield , VA 22151

(703) 738-0754 (direct)
(703) 738-0615 (fax)
tbrowne@dcexaminer. com

Ms. Becky Browne
Customer Service Manager
The Washington Examiner
6850 Versar Center Dr , 3rd Floor
Springfield , VA 22151
(703) 738-0762
bbrown@dcexaminer. com

In addition, you can call JoAnn Harrison on the Arlington County 's Constituent Services team at 703-228-3120.

To subscribe to the Washington Examiner

Send subscription requests to Circulation Vice President Michael Barnum at 6850 Versar Center , Springfield , VA 22151 .


In response to the recent increase in the number of complaints received from residents, Assistant County Manager Shannon Flanagan-Watson recently met with Michael Phelps, President & Publisher of The Examiner newspapers in the Baltimore/Washingto n region.

Several strategies were discussed to decrease the number of unwanted deliveries to Arlington County residents. An agreement was made to work together to identify “hot spots” in Arlington where there have been complaints and to reduce the route sizes in these areas.

Other mitigation measures are in effect including carrier fines, spot checks, upgraded GPS system and new carrier training.

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