Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Miniature People Golf Course at Arlington Iceplex???

Everyone is yammering about the potential miniature golf course outside the Arlington IcePlex. Me, I am confused as to what all the fuss is about. We have enuf golf courses. There is the rich persons golf country club over on N Glebe Rd. There is the golf course down in East Potomac Park. And then have you tried that TOPGOLF driving game over in Alexandria - its like the Nitendo of driving ranges! Cool.

So I hardly see with so many golf courses that we need another one just for miniature people. And we really have to be talking small people too. BC with that little space outside the Iceplex on the corner of Glebe and Randolf, the duffers would have to be really small in order to fit 18 holes into this space. One suggestion has been to move the miniature golf place to the vacant lot of the old Bob Peck car dealership so that there is enuf room. And what about the really tall people, will they be wanting their own golf course?

That's my opinion; what's yours? Take the poll on the right side over there and vote for what should be done with the property -- or add your idea in the comments to this post. If we get 4 votes, we will call it a quorum and send it to the county board as an official $300,000 opinion poll.+