Thursday, August 27, 2009

AAA Cluelesss and Wrong about Arlington's Opposition to HOT Lanes

AAA Mid Atlantic's editorial in the Arlington Connection Aug 26 is Clueless and Wrong. In that editorial, AAA argues that "Arlington's filing of a federal lawsuit to block the HOT project is disappointing, damaging, and hypocritical."

Apparently the solution to all the traffic and cars in the region, according to AAA, is to have more traffic and cars. The transportation problems in Northern Virginia will not be solved by paving Arlington.

Arlington has been a leader in getting people out of cars. Arlington
  • promotes bike usage,
  • has excellent bike paths
  • has one of the best subway systems in the suburbs
  • has a great bus system,
  • supports share a car programs, and
  • has created wonderful wakable communities all over the county.
Living in Arlington, I can go weeks without getting into a car. When I do get into a car, because I have chosen to live close to work, it is about a 15 minute commute - I never get on 66 or 395.

AAA states "Arlington is already responsible for some of the region's worst gridlock"

Really???? That's Arlington's fault???

I dont think so. Those cars on 395 and 66, they dont come from Arlington. They are using Arlington for pavement. They are owned by people who took advantage of pavement, cheap gas, and subsidized roads to live far from their jobs. The create pollution. They suck down foreign oil.

We dont need more pavement. More pavement wont solve the problem. More road capacity only gives people the incentive to live further out in the suburbs, exacerbating the problem.

What we need is a sensible transportation program. Arlington has been a leader in this. AAA obviously has not been.

Let AAA know your views about their clueless editorial.