Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arlington Virginia Feb 6, 9:30 am

Photos from Arlington Virginia, February 6, from 8:30 to 9:30 am.

Main roads are plowed but they have plowed snowpacks into the entrances of parking lots and secondary roads. Some secondary roads have been plowed. Have seen lots of County Plows working hard.

22 inches of snow. Window is blowing. Power is on. Lots of branches are laden with snow but only saw a few branches on the ground.

2010 Feb 6 am b

Most stores up on Lee Highway were closed but of course THE STARBUCKS WAS OPEN!

2010 Feb 6 l2

Vernon Street off of Lee Highway

2010 Feb 6 e

Wakefield St off of Lee Highway

2010 Feb 6 g

Lee Heights Shops at Lee and Lorcom. The cars in this picture are at the Starbucks. There was a back-hoe plowing the snow and a hand full of people who looked like they were walking to work. The Seven Eleven was also open.

2010 Feb 6 h

I loved this picture. A Smart Car almost disappeared in the snow.

2010 Feb 6 i

A Row of cars parked along Lee Highway.

2010 Feb 6 k

This is the intersection of Lee Hwy and Lorcom Lane. There were very few cars. Two of them did not have their lights on. Guess they were working on Darwin Awards (does it look like there is a lot of visibility out there). One car was a regular front wheel drive sedan that went to Starbucks but then got stuck because he did not have enough clearance over the snow pack to get back on the main road.

2010 Feb 6 n

Snow build up on the bushes and trees is tremendous.

2010 Feb 6 u

Finally, this is Vermont Street off of Lee Hwy. There was a small county snow plow here desperately trying to plow the intersection of Vermont and Vernon and Vacation when we walked back (yes, there is such an intersection in Arlington).

2010 Feb 6 s

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