Friday, February 5, 2010

Godzilla v Snovechkin Hour 11: Godzilla Mad

Godzilla is mad. Snovechkin left several hours ago to go play some hosers from Georgia (CAPS won 5-2, proving that a Wash DC team can actually win at something). With Snovechkin gone, and probably staying in a hotel downtown, Godzilla is left with his frozen hero buddies, lost somewhere under the ice pack.

2010 Feb 5 Eve c2

Off in the distance, we hear booms and thunder and sirens. The lights flicker. Reports from our spys indicate scattered power outages in Bethesda and NoVa. Reports from the trenches indicate satellite TV is going kafuzznik and on demand TV is overloaded. As the fighting rages in the streets, there is a report of a snow plow on fire downtown. Theft of snow shovels is now rampant. Not only is white stuff falling outside, now the white stuff is falling INSIDE the subway. Trips to the store to stock up on rations are being described as "something between a war zone and a bomb shelter." Desperate people continue to engage in the completely futile endeaver of shoveling their walks.

We are hunkering down for the worst of it, but expect street fighting in the morning. And of course, when we have snowball fights in the street in Washington DC, we do it with more than just snowballs.

We are now just entering the worst of it. Godzilla continues to fight on for us!

2010 Feb 5 Eve g1

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