Friday, February 5, 2010

Godzilla v Snovechkin Hour 5: The Loss of Monkey Man!

Battle rages in the streets, in the grocery stores, and in the quickie marts. Local Governments have declared Shelter-in-Place --- leading people to frantically flee their shelters and run to 1950s cold war constructed safe shelters apparently known as Safeways. TV trucks are busily blocking customers into store parking lots to ensure their safely interviewed about the carnage.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicThose of us trapped in the "CRIPPLING" zone as declared by Channel 7 News are struggling to survive. Those not in the Death Storm corridor have been advised to stock up on whiskey.

Meanwhile, Godzilla's valiant battle against Snovechkin wages on. Snovechkin scored early in the first period, sending out his enforcer Brashear (we miss Brashear) to handle Godzilla's first line - taking out Monkey Man. But Godzilla is striking back using his trafficjamapower, striking at the very heart of anyone being able to see tonites CAPS game. Godzilla's allie in arms, Mr. Fireman Guy, has upped the prediction for the snowfall on Snovechkin's head to a Five-Minute Major.

There is great Fear and Loathing as the soldiers in the trenches know that what is now is merely a prelude Snovechkin's overload Coach BruSnow has declared that he will send out his checking line starting after sun down.

Snowpocalypse Hour 5b

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