Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Share the Road! Support New Bike Legislation HB 1048 & SB 566 in Richmond

Arlington is a great place to bike. The W&OD is fantastic. Curtis trail is a bike commuters freeway. The GW trail is excellent.

Trails are excellent. Biking on the roads - YIKES! DC is loony ville! I've been doored. I've been run off the road. I've had cars blast through intersection as if mybike was never there. I have seen someone get run over on the GW parkway. And there was the girl who go run over by a right turning trash truck at Dupont Circle.

Cars call bikers scaflaws. Bikers point out that cars violate more traffic laws than bikes do.

Whatever. The simple fact is, regardless of laws or facts or cotton candy - when a car and a bike collide - the biker loses. Always. Every time. Car 1: Biker Dead.

There is legislation in Richmond that would help this by making the law.
  • Dont pass a bike by closer than 3 feet
  • Dont tailgate a bike
The Virginia Bicycle Federation points out how this new legislation would help:
This bill would help educate motor vehicle drivers to pass the drivers of any non-motorized vehicle (including a bicycle) with a wider margin of error and thereby reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries to these legal and legitimate road users. In addition, this bill could improve justice for all lawful and prudent drivers of non-motorized vehicles (including bicycles) who are injured by negligent following motorists. Finally, this bill would make it illegal to harass or endanger the driver of any legal vehicle by tail-gaiting.
Sharing the road means sharing the road, not passing a biker so close you could kiss them. There was another story of a biker death today. It happens too often. And over caffeinated blerry-eyed commuters could use some educational reminders on how a 50 lbs bike is different from a 4000 lbs 110 horse-power car.

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