Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank You DOT Secretary Ray LaHood for your Support on Bike to Work Day

Thanks for your support Ray!!!

We need to completely change the way we think about transportation. Bicycles need to move from aliens on planet-car, and becoming full citizens of planet-transportation. Bikers need support. And then need to stop being punished when they struggle to go down roads not designed for them - fined by laws that were not implemented for them. When a biker gets hit by a car, we need to stop asking why the biker intentionally hurt himself by hitting the car - and start asking how poorly designed roads and laws cause these accidents. We need bike infrastructure and bike laws (just like we have boat infrastructure and boat laws, airplane infrastructure and airplane laws). Bikes save transportation dollars. They protect the environment. They make their human riders healthier, fight obesity, and bring down health costs. Bikes are (a part of ) the solution.

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