Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WashDC is Number One for Veggies! (What A Bunch of Tofu!)

Good news! PETA has declared that Wash DC is the number one Veggie Friendly City! Bad News! The comments attached to their release reflect that very few people agree with this announcement.

Gotta agree with the comments. DC??? REALLY???? PETA cites a few token restaurants. Lots of restaurants in WashDC I go to have no veggie option - you have to ask them to remove the meat. Others the Veggie option is a joke, relegated to the back page of the menu with the children's selection. Other places will give you a veggie burger.... that is cooked on the same grill as the regular meat and will thus make a true vegetarian sick. Go to a hotel and ask for the veggie plate at a conference, and you get a plate of steamed vegetables with steamed rice. Go to the burrito place and ask for the veggie burrito, and the person behind the counter will reply "Pollo o carne?" One burrito place just removed its veggie spinach burrito from its menu.

There are some good veggie restaurants in DC, it is true. But it aint no paradise and it dont deserve number one. When I go to NYC I can get some true and innovative veggie dishes. Same is true for San Fran. WashDC restaurants have a long way to go and need to stop treating veggies as if they are bastard-step children.

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