Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tip of the Hat to Reston Raiders Youth Hockey Club!

As the fluffy white stuff from Snowpocalypse becomes slush gunk oozing down our busted gutters and clogged drains, the wreckage caused by the 4th Snowman is becoming more evident.

One victim of the Snowpolcalypse was the Prince William Ice Rink, home of the Prince William Panthers travel youth hockey team. The weight of the snow on the roof reportedly caused a significant collapse.

The Prince William rink management is committed to rebuilding and hopes that the rink might be back online within 6 months. The PW Panthers hopes to field travel hockey teams again next year.

In the mean time, there is a lot of hockey to be played to finish the current Capital Beltway Hockey League (CBHL) season, leaving the PW Panthers with a bit of a dilemma of what to do.

Enter Reston Raiders, the CBHL team skating at Reston Skatequest. On Feb. 10, Reston Raiders posted the following message:

Last evening, the first of several Prince William Panther Hockey Club teams visited SkateQuest and shared the ice with Reston Raider travel teams. The Prince William Squirt UA team shared the ice with Squirt Silver and Squirt Blue. While the arrangement is mildly crowded… a good time was had by all and coaches reported little or no disruption in their routines.

As we move forward through the end of the CBHL season most other Raider travel teams have offered to share their practice ice slots with their displaced hockey brethren from Prince William.
We appreciate the sacrifices and restructuring of practice plans by coaches and teams and thank all those willing to share with our friends to the south.
All of us would not hesitate to take in a neighbor whose home was damaged or lost. We believe the same spirit is being shown but our teams and players. We feel that this life lesson that is tangible and valuable one for all of our players.

The Reston Raiders is one of the oldest clubs in the area and runs a full travel hockey program. For them to share their ice with the Panthers is no small thing. It is clearly the personification of good sportsmanship that we hope our children might learn through the participation in sports (well I dont know if that's possible, it is hockey after all)

Tip of the Hat to Reston Raiders! Keep your sticks on the ice!

Friday, February 26, 2010



Cinema and Draft has tweeted that if USA men hockey win today in the semis game, CandD will show the game live! USA hockey on the big screen - with some drafts !

Good old hockey game
Its the best game you can name
And the best game u can name
Is the gold old hockey game!

Let's see Miller kick Crosbyz butt!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's gray and padded and cubicle where I am! The world - It's turning Boring! OMG!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School Board Adopts Make-up Day Plan

Well that's not too terribly bad. Of course I was hoping school would extend into August so I could save on Summer Camp Fees....

The Arlington School Board adopted Phase I of a plan to make up the days lost this winter due to inclement weather. Virginia Code ? 22.1-98 requires 180 days or 990 instructional hours. The approved plan accounts for time lost through Feb. 16 and fulfills the required instructional time that school divisions must provide. Implementation of the changes will begin on March 1.

The plan makes the following changes to the 2009-10 school year calendar:

  • Elementary School Conference Days: Thu, March 4 and Fri, March 5 will become make-up student attendance days for all elementary school students. ( Note: For Campbell Elementary, the Parent/Teacher Conference Days on March 11 and 12 and the Work Sample Preparation/Early Release Day on June 4 will become make-up student attendance days .)
  • Middle School Conference Day: Fri, March 5 will become a make-up student attendance day for all middle school students.
  • Teacher Grade Preparation Day: Mon, April 5 will become a make-up student attendance day for all students (elementary, middle and high).
  • Early Release Wednesdays:

- Elementary Schools with Early Release: Early Release Wednesdays will become full student attendance days from March 3 through June 9. These schools include Arlington Science Focus, Arlington Traditional, Barrett, Campbell , Carlin Springs, Drew, Hoffman-Boston, Long Branch , Nottingham, Oakridge, Taylor and Tuckahoe.

- Limited Early Release Elementary Schools: Students will attend school for full days on March 10 and April 28 which were originally designated as Early Release Days. These schools include Abingdon, Ashlawn, Barcroft, Claremont , Glebe, Henry, Jamestown , Key, McKinley and Randolph .

NOTE: June 16 and 23 will remain Early Release Days for all elementary schools to allow time for teacher record/close out activities.

The Superintendent also proposed two additional phases which would provide APS with a plan should more make-up days be needed. The School Board will consider these options if added time is missed before the end of the school year.

Click here for more information on the proposed Phase II and III.

School Board Adopts Make-up Day Plan


Statement as of 5:58 PM EST on February 23, 2010

... Winter Storm Watch in effect from late Wednesday night through late Thursday night...

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a Winter Storm Watch... which is in effect from late Wednesday night through late Thursday night.

* Precipitation type... snow.

* Accumulations... potential for snow accumulations of 5 or more

* Timing... a mix of rain and snow Wednesday evening will become all snow between midnight and 3 am Wednesday night. Snow is expected to continue Thursday and Thursday night.

* Temperatures... lows in the upper 20s Wednesday night. Highs in the lower to mid 30s Thursday. Lows in the upper 20s Thursday night.

* Winds... northwest winds 10 to 15 mph Wednesday night. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts around 35 mph Thursday and Thursday night.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Watch means there is a potential for significant snow that may impact travel. Continue to monitor the latest forecasts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I don't believe a bicycle is a transportation device"

Dear Supervisor Cook

You reportedly said  "I don't believe a bicycle is a transportation device"

"I think it's a recreation device. The big problem is people don't want to ride their bike in the rain or get sweaty before work."

Cook categorized bike trails as little more than a weekend diversion, vexing fellow supervisors who have pushed for more bike access.

It was my impression that we were moving toward fact based policy. I would love to see your evidence for these remarks.  Virginia and Washington has some wonderful Bike Organizations.  Perhaps you could consult with WABA and the VA Bike Federation and see if that just might not be false.

Reality is - your neighbor Arlington has GREAT bike lanes that are highly utilized along with a public transportation system that supports bikers. Bikes are everywhere. People bike to school - they bike to work - people bike for recreation (and that's a pretty good idea too).  I have lived here all my life and been biking to work for decades.  I bought my house because it was close to bike lanes (and close to public transportation).  The parking garage at my office is filled with bikes.

Perhaps, like Arlington, we need to be focusing more on bikes and buses as means of transportation --- and less on widening 66 and turning Arlington into pavement for the benefit of residents of Fairfax.

[You Too can drop Supervisor Cook a note [] and share your views on whether bikes are a "transportation device"]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

APS Summer Activities Fair to be Held This Friday

If your kids actually get a summer vacation this summer (and not snow make up daze), this friday you can learn how to get rid of them (I mean, how they can have the best summer of their life)

Summer Activities Fair will be held this Friday, Feb. 19 from 6-8 p.m. at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center , 3501 2nd Street, South . The event will provide Arlington residents with the opportunity to obtain information about activities that will be offered this summer by a variety of camps and other organizations. This event is free and no pre-registration is required. Parking is available in front of Jefferson Middle School ; however, parking is limited around the Jefferson Community Center . Parents are asked to carpool or seek alternate means of transportation. For more information, contact (703) 228-7667 or go to this link:

http://www.apsva. us/1540108210413 6983/blank/ browse.asp? a=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&c=64485

Making Up for Lost Time - Proposed School Make Up Daze

These are just proposed - Arlington is now looking for school time under all the cushions and behind the couch to see what can be made up.

For Immediate Release: February 17, 2010
APS Announces Proposed Make-up Day Plan
Today, Arlington Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy released the proposed Make-up Day Plan that has been developed with the support of Arlington School Board members.
Murphy summarized the details of the plan saying, “This make-up day plan has been created because we have missed more days than had been provided for in the APS 2009-10 school year calendar.” As of Fri, Feb. 12, Arlington Public Schools has closed for 10 days due to the effects of recent snowstorms. The days missed were Dec. 21, 22, & 23; Feb. 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, &12. Note: Dec. 23, Feb. 3 & 10 were early release days. Click here to see Virginia Code § 22.1-98 Length of School Term requirements.
The Superintendent continued, “We need to ensure that we fulfill the State requirement for instructional time. More importantly, we need to provide the instruction and support that our students lost when they could not benefit from time in the classroom with their teachers due to recent school closings.”
The APS Make-up Day Plan was developed with three separate phases. Murphy explained, “This provides us with a plan for all options, both past and future. In the face of so much disruption and uncertainty as a result of the recent snowstorms, we wanted to develop a complete plan. Families need to know what steps will be taken to cover the recent closings as well as the steps that might need to be taken in the event that added instructional time is lost later in the year.”
In developing the make-up day plan, staff calculated the amount of instructional time for each school level or program group to determine the shortfall for all schools. Murphy noted, “Phase I allows us to fully recover the amount of time to date for all schools and school levels.” The School Board is slated to approve Phase I at its Feb. 23 meeting.
In addition, the proposed plan includes two additional phases. The option of adding minutes as proposed with Phase II would be utilized if APS lost several more days. A third phase has been proposed and includes a set of options that could be utilized if the district experiences a major disruption later this year.
The following are the three phases in Arlington ’s proposed Make-up Day Plan:
Phase I (This phase provides the make-up time needed as of 2/16/10.)
· Elementary School Conference Days: Thu, March 4 and Fri, March 5 will become make-up student attendance days for all elementary school students. (Note: For Campbell Elementary, the Parent/Teacher Conference Days on March 11 and 12 and the Work Sample Preparation/ Early Release Day on June 4 will become make-up student attendance days.)
· Middle School Conference Day: Fri, March 5 will become a make-up student attendance day for all middle school students.
· Teacher Grade Preparation Day: Mon, April 5 will become a make-up student attendance day for all students (elementary, middle and high).
· Early Release Wednesdays:
- Elementary Schools with Early Release: Early Release Wednesdays will become full student attendance days from March 3 through June 9. These schools include Arlington Science Focus, Arlington Traditional, Barrett, Campbell , Carlin Springs, Drew, Hoffman-Boston, Long Branch , Nottingham, Oakridge, Taylor and Tuckahoe.
- Limited Early Release Elementary Schools: Students will attend school for full days on March 10 and April 28 which were originally designated as Early Release Days. These schools include Abingdon, Ashlawn, Barcroft, Claremont , Glebe, Henry, Jamestown , Key, McKinley and Randolph .
- NOTE: June 16 and 23 will remain Early Release Days for all elementary schools to allow time for teacher record/close out activities.
Phase II (This second phase would provide make-up time in the event that APS needs added instructional hours beyond those provided through implementation of Phase I.)
· Lengthen the school day by adding instructional minutes as needed.
Phase III (This phase would provide options for make-up time in the event that APS needs added instructional hours beyond those provided through implementation of Phases I and II.)
· Memorial Day: Mon, May 31, will become a make-up student attendance day for all students (elementary, middle and high).
· Spring Break: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday (March 29, 30, 31, April 1) would become make-up student attendance days for all students as needed (elementary, middle and high).
· Saturdays as needed would be designated for make-up time at all levels (elementary, middle and high).
· Add days to the end of the year as needed for make-up student attendance days.
School officials also offered answers to some frequently asked questions which have been received from parents, students, staff and members of the Arlington community over the past two weeks:
Why make up time? The Superintendent explained, saying, “ Arlington ’s reputation for excellence has been built on providing more than the minimum.” He continued, “This will help APS fulfill the state requirements, but more importantly, the make-up time will help us to ensure that we continue to offer the high quality instruction that is needed by our students to succeed.”
Why not request a waiver from the state? School officials clarified that the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that school divisions provide 180 days of instruction or 990 instructional hours. The school district must certify that “every reasonable effort” was made to make up days lost before requesting a waiver. This would include adding days to the end of the year, eliminating spring break, adding Saturdays as instructional days, etc.
What should parents do if they want to have conferences with teachers? Murphy said that all schools always have open and continuous communication with parents. However, if parents want to have conferences with teachers, they should follow the regular school procedure of contacting teachers. Although teachers will not have the time to provide conferences as they do when schools are closed for parent/teacher conferences, as always teachers will make every effort to meet with parents as needed before the school day begins for students, during team planning times for middle schools, and/or after the school day ends for students. Additionally, options of phone conferences are always available as needed.
· The Arlington School Board is tentatively slated to approve Phase I of the plan at its Feb. 23 meeting. The full memo from the Superintendent about the Make-up Day Plan will be available on Board Docs when the meeting documents are posted on Fri, Feb. 19.
· If approved, APS will begin to implement this phase of the Plan beginning March 1, 2010.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Arlington Snow Removal

Our street in Lee Heights has been plowed. Once lane with a small plow. Not sure a big plow could get through cause too much snow has been shoveled into piles in the road itself. With today's sunshine, got nice pavement today. Course with tonite's low temps, black ice in the morning is a real concern.

Here's the latest vid from Arlington county offering a behind the scenes view of Arlington's Snow Removal Crew.

Lots of Stupid abounds when it comes to snow removal. Good example is in the vid when, last sunday, someone preparing for a superbore party called up the county demanding that his street be prioritized for snow removal so that he could have his party. That counts as stupid.

If you follow Arlington's facebook page lots of people are praising the county for its efforts during this storm. I am certainly one of them. This is an impossibly tough situation. I have lived in DC all my life - I have lived in Arlington for 20 years. I only remember one snow storm that was worse that this. That was the storm when the airplane bounced off the 14th Street bridge and went for a swim in the Potomac, while simultaneously a metro train imitated a pretzel inside a subway tunnel. These types of storms - they come once in a lifetime. This time, we took long walks with the dogs, went sledding at the local hill, and broke out some old recipes (yummmmmm Welsh Rarebit).

For people who are whining about their roads getting plowed, think of it this way. Yeah, we could be like Minnesota and have a huge snow removal budget and huge number of plows and a huge number of snow removal staff so that we can be prepared for that once a lifetime storm - but that's dang expensive - or the government can prepare for the average storm, handle the average three inches, and keep our taxes down. When the big one comes, we can take those tax savings and buy some extra beer and nachos and have a good time - and enjoy the beauty that is nature.

Hey, those people whining about snow removal -- they look just like the people whining about taxes. Do you think they know each other??

We Survived Snowpocalypse. We even have a T Shirt to prove it. Good job Arlington!

2010 Feb 7b

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer”

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer” - Alber Camus
An odd day in Snowpocalis. It started out fairly tame and then devolved into Snowverkill. The view out the window can only be described as "White. Out." The reports on the news were so freaky that by the time the snow machine tapped out, the snowpeople I think were to fried to come out of their dens. We walked out to the local sledding hill - not a soul to be seen. Sledded for two hours in the solitude of a winters day. Quite Narnical.

Sledding Condition Report: Double Premo!

Snowverkill Sledding

Dogs dont really get the concept of sledding. They think running down the hill is more fun.

Dogs Playing in Snowverkill 2010

The local side road has been plowed by a small county plow. It plowed a cul de sac - a cul de sac which had never been plowed with the last storm. But left the thru roads unplowed. The wreckage of snow is now so intense that the only plow making it through our neighborhood now is one of those small ones on a pick up truck.

An Emergency Shelter is open at Washington and Lee. Dominion Power is reporting 1,523 households without power in Northern Virginia.

Lots of local businesses have reportedly remained open and serving libations in Clarendon.

The latest from Arlington Alert is "RACES NET @ 9PM WED. 146.625- PL107.2 " Whatever that means (proving that they continue to just push through content without thinking much)

We saw a mob of entrepreneurs today making good money shoveling walks and driveways of the weary. First time I have seen folk making money shoveling; when I was a kid we use to run outta the house with shovels looking forward to the money making opportunity (yes, when I was a kid, we also walked 5 miles to school - uphill both ways).

Washington Post reported that there was a surprising number of SUV accidents today. I dont know - given the knuckleheads driving those things, I wasnt surprised.

Final thought: More snow is predicted for Monday.

More T Shirt commemorating Snowverkill are being announced by the moment. Our join group therapy and talk about your Snowverkill experience on Facebook.

Cabin Fever Takes its Toll

More live action video from Snowpocalypse. This video which we recently took reflects how we are faring inside our prison-cabin.

Live Webcam Out Window in North Arlington

Extra time to play with toys. I have set up a live webcam outside my window of the storm. Below is the current picture out my window....

Hat tip to my brother in law who gave me this idea (pssst: it's bunkum).

Robins and Blizzards

I saw the first Robin of Spring!! Actually hundreds of Robins who systematically took out my Holly Tree (anyone know whatz up with all the Robins? Did they get blown in?).

Robins in Snowpocalypse

Robins in the Blizzard

It's officially a blizzard (break out the SUV commercials on TV!!). Can pretty much not see the end of the block in either direction. "White Out Conditions."

Blizzard in N Arlington

VDOT spokesman talking about serious accidents on the highways including another jackknifed tractor trailer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 9 Update: Arlington Closed Tomorrow

Bracing for another 10 to 20 inches, here's what we know. Closed Wednesday:According to our records this is the longest the Fed Govt has ever been closed on account of snow (no. no, we dont actually keep records).

Arlington Public Schools wants kids to keep learning while school is closed thru their Snow Learning Website (good luck with that - I think I just saw a mob of Arlington Middle School orcs marauding through the continent of Northrend)

  • WMATA is running trains underground only with no bus service (we did see the 3 bus today - but just assume it was a bus that left Rosslyn last week and is just running that late)
  • Roads today were treacherous. The storm has apparently led to a severe outbreak of stupid. Saw someone navigating through the warzone of local streets while talking on a cell phone. Several cars had 2.5 feet of snow on the roof (that snow is going to fly off and injure the person behind you). Cars traveling with lights off. Parking lots of grocery stores were kill-or-be-killed (with fun games of IKILLYOU over the one remaining available shopping cart). One lane secondary roads filled with idiot SUVs were common. Arl Now is reporting that Courthouse road is currently an ice rink. Driving downtown today was pretty rough today with many lanes missing and many roads one lane only.
  • Amtrak trains were running largely on time today - of course, many of the runs were canceled altogether making the traffic load on the rails pretty light. Yamtrak is describing tomorrow service as "limited"
Grocery stores continue to be retro-soviet union experiences: empty shelves and long lines.

Lots of concern over buildings with flat roofs, like, oh..... schools!

Arlington has opened an emergency shelter at Washington Lee HS.
Updated 2/9, 7:37 p.m.: Emergency shelter now open at Washington Lee High School, 1301 N. Stafford St.; enter through door #1. Ample parking available (no transportation provided), and it is within walking distance of Ballston Metro. No pets allowed, with exception of service animals.
"Arlington Alerts" continues to provide alerts for places other than Arlington -- cluttering up there feed. (Arlington Alert - here's a clue - if I needed to know about Fairfax, I would subscribe to Fairfax alert). This just in:
Arlington Alert: Alert Montgmery reports Montgomery County government will be closed on Wednesday, February 10 exc...
Montgomery County??? Isnt that across a really big river??? Come'on Arlington Alerts - stop filling your service with noise.

Dominion Power is currently listing 227 houses without power in the Northern Virginia Area.

As we yet again hunker down with our "loved ones" let me leave you with this thought:

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
Carl Reiner
I am moving somewhere where shoveling snow is illegal.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Update from Lee Heights & Put Some Food and Water Out for the Critters

From Lee Heights - well okay - from our one block. 25th Street around the corner still has not been plowed. There is a well trodden trench meandering down the center of it where teenagers and bored parents have wandered. Vernon St has one lane cut through the middle of it. Stir crazy dads have built 5 foot high snow monuments to their former backs at the ends of their driveways, thereby ensuring that the one lane road.... remains one lane. With the beautiful sun pouring solar down on the black asphalt, that one lane is quite passable. Of course, when 10,000 pounds of SUV comes rolling down the road only to meet another 10,000 pounds of SUV, it becomes a Mexican standoff. It's reported that there are sidewalks somewhere, but they have not been heard from for days and their whereabouts cannot be confirmed.

2010 Feb 8 f

Grocery stores continue to get described on twitter as retro-soviet union experiences: empty shelves and long lines. And as I eat through my ten year old Y2K supplies, I look out the window and ponder our fellow critters. I remember hearing that during these big storms, while giving birds food is nice - what they really could use is water. Sources of water get covered up or frozen. I know my bird bath is under three feet of snow at the base of the dead tree I have been meaning to cut down.

Bird at Bird Bath during Snowpocalypse

Having put out some water this morning in a kludged bird bath (water tight top to a storage tupperware), I went for the morning dog walk and did two more hours of Mr Universe Training (shoveling of snow). I came back and thought, this will be great, I will get a picture of a bird at the bird bath for the blog. And waited. And waited. And waited.

Only to figure out that in the few short hours of the morning, the neighborhood birds had drained my kludged birdbath!! So I refilled it and the neighborhood Mocking Bird came by.

Remember the critters are struggling through these storms too.

Finally, evidence of one of the visitors to the bird bath; wing marks in the snow:

Bird Wing Marks in the Snow

OPM Announces that on Tuesday the Fed Gov Will Be CLOSED

OPM has announced that on Tuesday the Federal Government will closed Tuesday
The OPM Website is currently experiencing a civil servant DOS while federal workers anxiously query the site to find out what's up. This begs of course a few questions.
  1. Why doest OPM use twitter.
  2. Why doesnt OPM have an RSS feed.
  3. Why doesnt OPM */ its webpage.
  4. Why doesnt OPM have an email alert system.
  5. Why the federal agencies have not initiated their COOP plans. I mean, this is sort of the perfect example of what all those COOP exercises were meant to practice.
Apparently OPM's decision making is coordinated with WMATA's. If you cant get the work force it, its kinda counter productive to open. Outside of public transportation, public road transportation would be heck like if it operates at load. Current my street is a solid one lane with lots of Mexican standoffs between SUVs, and other local streets have yet to be plowed (VDOT hopes to have all roads plowed by tomorrow).

Oh, and did anyone forget to mention that we are under a winter storm warning for another (sputter) 10 to 20 inches.

Arlington Public Schools Closed Tuesday

And with Snowpocalypse3 coming, can we make it a full week without school? From APS Central....
Dear Parents:
Today, we continued efforts to “dig out” at all of our schools, program centers and administrative offices across the County. As you can imagine, this is proving to be a monumental task, and we are fortunate to have the dedicated efforts of our APS and County staffers. Much has been accomplished, but unfortunately a great deal still remains before we can safely resume school operations.
This afternoon I had an opportunity to tour the community with County officials to assess the progress that has been made. Despite almost three days of round-the-clock work by our crews, many residential streets remain impassable and very hazardous to navigate. This means that bus routes in many neighborhoods remain unopened, and the pathway on a significant number of our bus routes throughout the County are still blocked. In addition, many walkways are snow-covered and bus stops have high snow banks in front of them, making it unsafe for children to walk safely or access their bus.
For these reasons, we have determined that it we will not be able to open schools for classes tomorrow. All APS offices, however, will open tomorrow morning and the pools will open at 11:30.

Would You Believe... Snowpocalyse Part III !!!!

I Quit! I am leaving! I am going to Florida with all the retired People! I have had it!
NWS Statement as of 3:04 PM EST on February 08, 2010

... Winter Storm Warning in effect from noon Tuesday to 7 PM EST

The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a
Winter Storm Warning for... which is in effect from noon Tuesday
to 7 PM EST Wednesday. The Winter Storm Watch is no longer in

* Precipitation type... snow.

* Accumulations... 10 to 20 inches.

* Timing... mid-afternoon Tuesday through Wednesday.

* Temperatures... temperatures near freezing at the onset Tuesday
afternoon. Temperatures will drop into the upper 20s Tuesday
night and Wednesday.

* Winds... light southeasterly winds Tuesday becoming
northwesterly 15 to 25 mph Wednesday.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Warning means significant amounts of snow are
expected or occurring. The combination of snow and strong winds
will make travel very hazardous.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Federal Government is Closed Monday

Federal Government is reportedly closed Monday. That news has resulted in a DOS attack against the OPM website, bringing the server down.

Best Tweet: "anthonyup Here at a DC sports bar where there are a lot of Saints fans, a few Colts fans, but an overwhelming majority of OPM fans"

2010 Feb 7 e

The Morning After Snowpocalypse

The morning after Snowpocalypse in Lee Heights.

Walking in Zackary Taylor park. There is a two foot wide cutting along the trails in the park. Only a few branches down. Could hear the Bamboo pop and crack under the weight of the snow.

The bridge at the end of the train near military road.

2010 Feb 7b

The Lost Dogs near a stone crossing of the creek.

2010 Feb 7 e

I always tell my friends that Arlington Roads were laid out during the cold war to keep the Soviets from successfully navigating through Arlington. Another classic example of a two road intersection with three road names.

2010 Feb 7 t

Weird moguls in the Zackary Taylor stream

2010 Feb 7 k

Vernon Street in Lee Heights. We've been plowed. Vermont street close by has been plowed and salted (puppies cant walk on the salt). Vermont Street one block away is unplowed. 25th Street dead end is unplowed. Not a sidewalk to be seen.

2010 Feb 7 jj

Now for the great dig! Arlington Public Schools have already announced they are closed for Monday.

Remember to get your "I Survived the Snowpocalypse" T Shirts!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse T Shirts!

Find them here at Zazzle.

Godzilla v Snovechkin: How the Battle Progressed

So you can see how the Mighty Snovechkin took Godzilla down.

Feb. 5 10:00 am It Begins


Feb. 5 3:00 pm

Snowpocalypse Hour 5b

Feb 5. 6:00 pm

2010 Feb 5 8 hoursb

Feb. 5 10:00 pm

2010 Feb 5 Eve c2

2010 Feb 5 Eve b1

Feb. 6 8:30 am

2010 Feb 6 x

Godzilla v Snovechkin: The Epilogue

24 Hour into the storm and even the mighty Godzilla has failed us. Snovechkins might slap shot of snow, even from 1 foot down deep in the pack, is just too over power for humongous horror movie monsters (where is ultraman when you need him). Much like most wimpy goalie-mans, Godzilla has let Snovechkin shoot and score!

2010 Feb 6 x

With another 12 hours to go, and another storm coming on Tuesday, we wonder if it wont be till spring that we see our heros (and our donut) again.

Get out. Go for a walk. Go sledding. Walk the dog. It's beautiful out there.

Arlington Virginia Feb 6, 9:30 am

Photos from Arlington Virginia, February 6, from 8:30 to 9:30 am.

Main roads are plowed but they have plowed snowpacks into the entrances of parking lots and secondary roads. Some secondary roads have been plowed. Have seen lots of County Plows working hard.

22 inches of snow. Window is blowing. Power is on. Lots of branches are laden with snow but only saw a few branches on the ground.

2010 Feb 6 am b

Most stores up on Lee Highway were closed but of course THE STARBUCKS WAS OPEN!

2010 Feb 6 l2

Vernon Street off of Lee Highway

2010 Feb 6 e

Wakefield St off of Lee Highway

2010 Feb 6 g

Lee Heights Shops at Lee and Lorcom. The cars in this picture are at the Starbucks. There was a back-hoe plowing the snow and a hand full of people who looked like they were walking to work. The Seven Eleven was also open.

2010 Feb 6 h

I loved this picture. A Smart Car almost disappeared in the snow.

2010 Feb 6 i

A Row of cars parked along Lee Highway.

2010 Feb 6 k

This is the intersection of Lee Hwy and Lorcom Lane. There were very few cars. Two of them did not have their lights on. Guess they were working on Darwin Awards (does it look like there is a lot of visibility out there). One car was a regular front wheel drive sedan that went to Starbucks but then got stuck because he did not have enough clearance over the snow pack to get back on the main road.

2010 Feb 6 n

Snow build up on the bushes and trees is tremendous.

2010 Feb 6 u

Finally, this is Vermont Street off of Lee Hwy. There was a small county snow plow here desperately trying to plow the intersection of Vermont and Vernon and Vacation when we walked back (yes, there is such an intersection in Arlington).

2010 Feb 6 s

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos of the Snowpocalypse from Arlington

Godzilla v Snovechkin Hour 11: Godzilla Mad

Godzilla is mad. Snovechkin left several hours ago to go play some hosers from Georgia (CAPS won 5-2, proving that a Wash DC team can actually win at something). With Snovechkin gone, and probably staying in a hotel downtown, Godzilla is left with his frozen hero buddies, lost somewhere under the ice pack.

2010 Feb 5 Eve c2

Off in the distance, we hear booms and thunder and sirens. The lights flicker. Reports from our spys indicate scattered power outages in Bethesda and NoVa. Reports from the trenches indicate satellite TV is going kafuzznik and on demand TV is overloaded. As the fighting rages in the streets, there is a report of a snow plow on fire downtown. Theft of snow shovels is now rampant. Not only is white stuff falling outside, now the white stuff is falling INSIDE the subway. Trips to the store to stock up on rations are being described as "something between a war zone and a bomb shelter." Desperate people continue to engage in the completely futile endeaver of shoveling their walks.

We are hunkering down for the worst of it, but expect street fighting in the morning. And of course, when we have snowball fights in the street in Washington DC, we do it with more than just snowballs.

We are now just entering the worst of it. Godzilla continues to fight on for us!

2010 Feb 5 Eve g1

Accuweather Man Loses It - Watch Before its Taken Down

Interrupting our regular programming, watch this before YouTube gets the DMCA takedown notice

Godzilla v Snovechkin Hour 8: Someone Call a Zambonie!

Hour 8 of the deluge - Someone Call a Zambonie! With our reporters out on the street driving and reporting from the calamity - we are getting word that Snovechkin has gone under and Godzilla has the upper hand! But Snovechkin has his secret weapon: Stealth Zambonies! He has called in a squadron. Maybe those Stealth Zombies can help Crosbaby make here on Sunday. In response, Godzilla has closed all DC airports until Sunday and sent squadrons of knuckle-heads out to jam.

It's gonna be a long hard night as Godzilla continues to fight for our city. Snovechkin has called for Tauntaun reinforcements (hockey players dont notice the smell). While Godzilla has called for Lawyers, Guns, and Money (the snow has hit the fan). Godzilla's hero's have called for snowshovels - but they will be out of luck. In a practice of nonsensical futility, many of our heros have been seen shoveling driveways and walks - only to have an inch of snow on them by the time their done.

As our battle wages forwards, skirmishes are breaking out all throughout the city. If you do go out tonite or tomorrow, local radio is recommending that you call ahead to make sure your destination is still there. There is only one thing left to do --- exploit the snowpocalypse for political gain (this is Washington after all)

Let's Go CAPS! (I wonder when the transformers will begin to explode?)

2010 Feb 5 8 hoursb

Godzilla v Snovechkin Hour 5: The Loss of Monkey Man!

Battle rages in the streets, in the grocery stores, and in the quickie marts. Local Governments have declared Shelter-in-Place --- leading people to frantically flee their shelters and run to 1950s cold war constructed safe shelters apparently known as Safeways. TV trucks are busily blocking customers into store parking lots to ensure their safely interviewed about the carnage.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicThose of us trapped in the "CRIPPLING" zone as declared by Channel 7 News are struggling to survive. Those not in the Death Storm corridor have been advised to stock up on whiskey.

Meanwhile, Godzilla's valiant battle against Snovechkin wages on. Snovechkin scored early in the first period, sending out his enforcer Brashear (we miss Brashear) to handle Godzilla's first line - taking out Monkey Man. But Godzilla is striking back using his trafficjamapower, striking at the very heart of anyone being able to see tonites CAPS game. Godzilla's allie in arms, Mr. Fireman Guy, has upped the prediction for the snowfall on Snovechkin's head to a Five-Minute Major.

There is great Fear and Loathing as the soldiers in the trenches know that what is now is merely a prelude Snovechkin's overload Coach BruSnow has declared that he will send out his checking line starting after sun down.

Snowpocalypse Hour 5b

Snowpocalypse Part II: Godzilla versus Snovechkin

It's 11:00 am, Friday February 5 in Washington DC. The Snowpocalypse is upon us. Who, oh who, can save us?

Look, up in the air... well, no, ah, over there... on the picnic table. It's GODZILLA!! Godzilla is here to save us from the evil slings and arrows of the outrageous Snovechkin, who, coming off of scoring 500 points and making Crosby look like a sissy-girl, has now come to trample our fair town with his ... massive... ah ... potato type powers!

Can Godzilla - and his band of heros - save our fair metropolis? Can anyone? We'll keep you posted as the killer snowstorm bears down on us like a shotgun full of snow. Check back here for regularly updates as the two deformed mutant giant heros battle it out.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arlington Middle School Hockey Spirit Night This Friday!










TIME: 8:30PM – 9:45PM







SEE YOUR CLASSMATES HIT THE ICE AND FIGHT FOR ARLINGTON!!! Special Thanks to Kettler General Manager, Beth Lenz and staff for all your help!!