Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lost Dog Rescue's Van Reportedly Stolen

According to Lost Dog's FB post
Thanks to those who came out to adoptions today. Our Seven Corners van did not arrive, and we lost contact with the driver. Law enforcement has been notified, and the van is declared stolen. The welfare of our animals is very concerning, and our hearts are breaking for them. We want them home. If you see the van, or have question...s, please call Paul Blumberg at 703-201-1725 or email

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rails *WITH* Trails

You have perhaps heard of Rails-to-Trails? Rails-to-Trails is the rather excellent notion of taking old rail road ROW, and turning them into long recreational trails. In Arlington Virginia we have seen fantastic success with this, with the W&OD trail which extends from National Airport to Leesburg. On a good day, the W&OD becomes a super highway of bikers, rollerbladers, joggers, walkers and even horse back riders. On a bad day, there are lots of people out there too. Many folk use the W&OD as part of their daily commute.

Well here is a different thought: what about Rails WITH Trails?

In an attempt to break our addiction to foreign oil and to relieve the four-wheel-tin-can-polluting problem, the region is about to embark on an effort to build high speed train lines. What if, in the process of constructing one alternative mode of transportation, we also constructed another mode of alternative transportation as well. Along side the rails, also build bike trails.

Northern Virginia has seen an explosion of bicycle transportation. Bike paths are becoming overwhelmed with traffic. With high demand for environmentally friendly, healthy, athletic bike transportation, the one thing that is needed now is bike infrastructure - efficient ways for bikers to cycle without getting hit by a car.

The Virginia Bicycle Federation states

Rails-with-trails have proven to be a safe and viable way to offer true multimodal accommodations, and provide facilities for people to walk and cycle throughout their communities.

There are currently 1,184 miles of open trails among 142 different rails with trails projects throughout the United States. Another 75 projects are underway, which will add 905 additional miles of trails when completed.

These projects provide transportation alternatives, promote healthy lifestyles, and encourage exercise in an increasingly obese population. Trails also encourage economic development and tourism.

Asking for these facilities while in their early planning stages is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create thousands of miles of trails connecting communities throughout Virginia and the United States.

One of the greatest things holding bicycle transportation back currently is safety; create safe paths for bicycles and this mode of alternative transportation will continue to grow.

Please show your support for Rails With Trails.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WashDC is Number One for Veggies! (What A Bunch of Tofu!)

Good news! PETA has declared that Wash DC is the number one Veggie Friendly City! Bad News! The comments attached to their release reflect that very few people agree with this announcement.

Gotta agree with the comments. DC??? REALLY???? PETA cites a few token restaurants. Lots of restaurants in WashDC I go to have no veggie option - you have to ask them to remove the meat. Others the Veggie option is a joke, relegated to the back page of the menu with the children's selection. Other places will give you a veggie burger.... that is cooked on the same grill as the regular meat and will thus make a true vegetarian sick. Go to a hotel and ask for the veggie plate at a conference, and you get a plate of steamed vegetables with steamed rice. Go to the burrito place and ask for the veggie burrito, and the person behind the counter will reply "Pollo o carne?" One burrito place just removed its veggie spinach burrito from its menu.

There are some good veggie restaurants in DC, it is true. But it aint no paradise and it dont deserve number one. When I go to NYC I can get some true and innovative veggie dishes. Same is true for San Fran. WashDC restaurants have a long way to go and need to stop treating veggies as if they are bastard-step children.