Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arlington Kenmore Middle School Named SMART School of the Year

When my first son when to middle school - a technology school mind you - he was punished for doing an art project using a graphics art program, the teachers would not use IT (blackboard or an equivalent) to convey homework assignments to parents, and smartboards gathered dust. At an open PTA meeting, I took the opportunity to raise the issue with the Principal whose simple response was that they could not force teachers to use IT.

Mind you this was at a school labeled a technology school.

Mind you that Arlington is the Birthplace of the Internet (The Internet, originally the ARPANet, was a DOD DARPA funded project to link research institutions, which went online in 1969).

We elected not to second our second son to that school, instead sending him to Kenmore. Our first taste of Kenmore, the art teacher was making full use of a smartboard to show how Kenmore had just done a Christo style art project, wrapping the school. The teachers make full use of IT to communicate assignments to parents, and where the existing IT doesnt work too well, they go around and try out things like Google Calendar to update parents with assignments. How Cool! Latin is taught remotely and jointly between several schools, linked together with Skype video conference. Kenmore leverages IT and the students are the beneficiaries, preparing for a future where IT is and will be in every part of there lives.

Congratulations to Kenmore for being named SMART School of the Year. You deserve it!!

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2011

Kenmore Named SMART School of the Year

Kenmore Middle School was named the 2011 SMART Showcase School of the Year by SMART Technologies, ULC.

The recognition was based on Kenmore track record of integrating SMART technology into daily instruction, advocating for the use of interactive products, encouraging robust professional development, instruction and continuing to grow the breadth and depth of SMART products used at the school.

Every classroom at Kenmore has a SMART Board, Notebook collaborative learning software and access to student response systems. Teachers are also provided access to ongoing training and professional development.

In addition to the use of SMART technologies in the classroom, Kenmore hosts an annual SMART Board users conference which offers professional development for over 300 educators in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Kenmore was originally named one of 25 Elite Showcase Schools in the nation. Elite Schools use SMART products to create dynamic, interactive learning environments to make lessons more extraordinary. Out of that group of finalists, Kenmore was selected as the 2011 SMART Showcase School of the Year.

SMART Technologies will host a lunch and award presentation on Thu, March 10.

For more information, call 703-228-6004.