Friday, April 15, 2011

SmartGrowth: East Falls Church

Arlington has been a leader in smart growth, with decades of planning that have gone into the Orange line Courthouse - Clarendon - Ballston corridor, the planning for Crystal City, and the support for Capital Bike Share.

Arlington is at it again with plans for East Falls Church. This is a progressive plan that continues to support Arlington's vision of creating a walkable, bikable, and drivable community why supporting the atmosphere of Arlington as a wonderfully livable place. The East Falls church metro is an opportunity for advancement - improving the bike path, improving the walkable community feel, advancing mixed use, and improving metro use. Instead of the current huge lot simply paved for parking, the site will be improved with better park and better facilities.

This Saturday Arlington County votes on the East Falls Church plan. It's a good plan the continues Arlington's philosophy of smart and quality growth.