Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dear Arlington: The Check is in the Mail

CAPP is stupid.

I went to Arlington CAPP payment system to pay a parking ticket.  After a 15 minute argument with the login system that I am quite sure did not work the way it was suppose to, I finally got into my account.

When I tried to pay the parking ticket with a credit card, ArlCo wanted to charge me a convenience fee.  REALLY??  What are they, Bank of America??  If I pay by check in the mail there is no fee; but if I pay by credit card electronically online with the money going straight into Arlington's account and with no Arlington employee having to do anything, resulting in a cost saving for the county, they want me to pay them a convenience fee.  There is no way ArlCo can tell me that it is cheaper for the county for me to pay by check than for me to pay by credit card.  Doesnt the DMV discount your registration if you pay electronically online because of the cost savings?? Is a state agency smarter about these things than Arlington County?? Whatever.  I am not paying Arlco's stupid convenience fee.

Its time for Arlco to wake up to the new era of egovernment.  Whatever stupid fees you impose results in citizen behavior to avoid the fee - but its cheaper and more efficient if its done electronically.  Arlco should move in the right direction like (is it possible to say this) the DMV and dropping the fee.

The check is in the mail (along with the resulting costs)